jemalski: 3 days after Kulube Gabriel I came to Bisrata Gabriel…


3 days after Kulube Gabriel I came to Bisrata Gabriel Sarabet for a special church service. Always at the end of December or in this case the first day of the new year 2016 a special celebration is observed on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Calendar. This day is called “The Announcement” and it commemorates the day the Angel Gabriel told Mary the mother of Yeshua that she was pregnant bearing the Messiah. From my research this far I have determined that this day pre-dates the influence of Zar Yacob and is of much much older origin. What makes this day special is that it occurs exactly 9 months before the fall holidays of the Hebrew Calender. According to the principle of this day Yeshua would have been born in September, an assertion that most priest in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church actually adhere too as well as a plethora of eastern and western scholars alike. It is fascinating and beautiful to see the celebration and exuberance exercised on this day. I just wish that all of the detractors and attackers of Christianity would look at the Eastern Church and the beautiful things that exist in her realm. She was planted, flowered and nurtured DIRECTLY by the Apostles and Disciples that Yeshua himself handpicked and she reflects a love, reverence and awe of God that is TRUELY amazing and humbling. This didn’t come from Europe , it existed almost 1000 years before European Christianity got its footing. It is a vastly different personal theology, and looks nothing like the churches that a lot of my Pan-African brothers and sisters rail against. The Bibles of Ethiopia, India, Syria and Egypt are older than any thing in Europe and older than the United States themselves. I pray for the awakening… The massive Paradigm shift that needs to occur that will lead to people really knowing the TRUE God of the universe. #ethiopia #ethiopian #habesha #ethiopianorthodox #ethiopianorthodoxchurch #ethiopianorthodoxtewahedochurch #addisababa #orthodox #orthodoxy #asianorthodoxy #africa #africanchristianity #eastafrica