jemalski: Plate 1. Kulube Gabriel, December 29, 2015. I spend…


Plate 1. Kulube Gabriel, December 29, 2015. I spend my time focusing on the Hebrew Roots and the Christian Orthodox traditions of the East because it is where I find the most evidence of a true understanding of the transformation process coming from a place of love, humility and an understanding of truth. “God became man…so that man could become God” is an understanding that is inherently Orthodox but is also understood by more missional or social justice oriented practices like the Methodist or some protestant and Catholic practices. I come to Kulube Gabriel because I rarely see these types of expression of faith and devotion in my current “Christian” circles. Draw your own conclusions….think what you will and make your decisions but dare not “judge” or think yourself better than the some of the most devout people on Earth. Any one who journeys for several days by foot to honor the God of Abraham, the being who became Yeshua and his Father and can still share his or her food with me and others evidences something I don’t even see happening in the “super Christian” churches I frequent in the West. Expressions of Compassion, love and sincere fellowship that are the very expressions of the character, mind and true heart of Yeshua the Messiah. #orthodox #ethiopianorthodox #ethiopianorthodoxtewahedochurch #ethiopia #ethiopian #africa #eastafrica #africanchristianity #kulube #kulubegabriel #2000yearsofChristianity #asianorthodox #praxis #love #Gabriel #habesha #devotion