Qatar is given a further 48 hours to meet Gulf demands

Saudi Arabia and three other Arab states have extended the deadline for Qatar to accept a list of demands, or face further sanctions, by 48 hours.

The initial deadline for Qatar to agree to the group’s 13 demands, including the shutting down of the Al Jazeera news network, expired on Sunday.

The Gulf state, which denies funding extremism, is submitting a formal response on Monday.

It has already called the demands an “affront to international law”.

The requirements include the closure of a Turkish military base in Qatar and the curbing of diplomatic relations with Iran.

Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani arrived in Kuwait on Monday to deliver a formal response in the form of a letter from the emir of Qatar to the emir of Kuwait, who is the main mediator in the Gulf crisis.

In a statement released shortly beforehand, lawyers for Qatar denounced the demands and called for international condemnation.

They said the tactics were “reminiscent of the extreme and punitive conduct of ‘bully’ states that have historically resulted in war”.

“The world must unite immediately to halt the singling out of Qatar for unjustified collective punishment and humiliation and to preserve peace, security and prosperity in the region.”

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